We guarantee our customers that we can show them to pour a stronger, flatter slab for less money and effort.
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In 1995, a professional concrete finisher from Arkansas filed an application to patent the invention and first iteration of a portable vibratory wet screed. The design is used to smooth and level freshly poured concrete without the use of forms or other devices to ride or rest on. Mr. Doug Weber continues to own/operate a concrete construction company while creating and manufacturing specialized equipment for the concrete finishing industry.

In 1996, the U.S. Patent Office approved what was then known as the Weber Wet Screed. Later that year Roy and Kim Frazier acquired the design and patents, relocated the business to Tennessee and formed Advanced Concrete Tools. Sales and marketing efforts included job site visits with live demonstrations and meetings thorughout the U.S. with construction suppliers and rental companies. Their tireless efforts established a dealer network in all 50 states to serve concrete finishers who began to demand the Black Beauty and Silver Beauty power screeds by name.

In 2007 the company was acquired by Manown Engineering and moved to Bonifay Florida.

In 2017 the assets were purchased from Manown Engineering and manufacturing of the Black Beauty and Silver Beauty concrete power screeds was given new life as Advanced Concrete Screeds, LLC.

Advanced Concrete Screeds is committed to providing superior products to the end user through a very loyal dealer network. Our desire is to enable our distribution partners to gain more business in their market, generate more revenue and completely satisfy the concrete contractors they serve.

Our future will include continuous improvements to our world class vibratory screed line and the addition of high-value products beneficial to the dynamic construction industry

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