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Electric Internal Vibrator
Proven in all construction environments and temperature extremes.
Ergonomical handles designed for easy operation and motor protection
Electrical cable reinforced at the motor with the on-off switch protected and sealed
Motor housing has five times the required protection from ground fault shorts
CE marked for the international marketplace and UL compliant
Technical Specifications
European design with composite body is rugged and lightweight. Manufactured in a quality controlled system registered to ISO 9001.

Part #
Flex Shaft
Single phase universal
230 V
3 ft to 16 ft

Vibrator Head Diameter
1 in to 2.3 in

Backpack Internal Vibrator
Immediate mobility for remote construction sites.
The Honda GX35 engine is swivel mounted and isolated from the frame
The unit weighs under 16 lbs and includes a quick shaft disconnect
The poker head can achieve up to 12,000 vpm with a floor of 10,000 vpm
Powers flex shafts nearly 10' in length and poker heads nearly 2" diameter
Technical Specifications
The gas power unit is mounted on a comfortable frame and ergonomically designed for operator comfort. It eliminates the requirement of electric power allowing unlimited maneuverability on the job site.

Part #
Engine / Manufacturer
Engine Description
Rated Horsepower
Flex Shaft
Honda GX35
4-stroke - no fuel/oil mixing
1.6 hp @ 8,000 rpm
6' 6" and  9' 10"

Poker Head Diameter
1" to 1.9"

Electronic High-Frequency Internal Vibrator
Designed for jobs with long duration and extended use.
High-frequency motor with intergrated electronic frequency converter
Invert changes single phase 60 cycle to 3 phase power
Plugs into any construction grade, singe phase 115 V source
Eliminates flex shaft length restraints becasue of the motor in the head design
Technical Specifications
The integrated frequency converter is ideal for large surfaces on major construction projects. The design allows the motor speed to remain constant no matter the slump of the concrete.

Part #
Poker Diameter
Equipped With
Operating Weight
16 ft shaft and 50 ft cable
1.2 KW
6.5 lbs

Motor in the head